We capture positivity. We share it. We spread positive vibes and a better image of the world.


We talk. To strangers. To locals. To experts. Long enough to see what they are about. To draw a clear and happy picture.


We make the world a better place. With sustainable stories, unforgettable memories and active communities worldwide

About us

These days, reading newspaper or scanning through the newsfeed on your phone can seriously scare you. It seems the world and especially humans are worse off than ever. But are they? And if not, how can we paint a clearer picture and contribute to a more positive image of the world?

During our recurring Platform for Positivity meetings, we discuss a key issue with different partners, in order to come to useable and effective solutions. Starting point is always the question how we can help create a more positive image of the world and of humanity. Topics vary, but always focus on a positive impact on society. Our goal is to share the importance of positive news and related topics with the world.

Our positive platform ambassadors

These people always give us positive vibes

Jeroen Swolfs

Streets of the World

“My Streets of the World-project shows daily life in capitals all over the world. Some of these cities are depicted by the media as being extremely dangerous and volatile. My pictures show a more complete story, filled with solidarity, togetherness and hope. With this project, I want to inspire people not to focus on what divides us, but on what brings us together. I hope to contribute to an increased feeling of connection and involvement, because I believe that is the only way towards a peaceful future.”

Ralf Bodelier

Ralf Bodelier

World's Best News

“In many ways, the world is doing a lot better than a few decades ago, but to most people it does not at all feel that way. The endless sad messages the media are spreading, result in most members of society being passive and despondent. That is something we want to change. By sharing information about progress, we hope to inspire people and keep them involved with what is happening in the world. We have a long way to go, but working on a better world is worth your while!”

Wendy Kweens

Wendy Kweens

Who Cares

“Who cares? We do! And we are not alone. At WhoCares we aim to create a world of people who make difference. We focus on all sorts of positive initiatives that help make the world a little better, a little bit more beautiful. All these great initiatives are started by ordinary people, men and women just like you and me. Their ideas truly inspire us and others to start taking action and to make the world a better place. Do you care too?”

Sabine de Witte

Your Ambassadrice

"Being forever curious, news always played an important role in my life. Traveling the world to explore new places, chasing the best things in life taught me there is a lot of negativity in the world. Though there is always a way to look at things from a broader perspective and give it a positive touch. News always has an impact, so the way you phrase it is super important. I've discovered that many prejudices about countries are not true, but based on how news is spread. Let's make the world a better place by changing the news."

Elke Salverda

“Besides running a travel platform called Wander-Lust, I work on all sorts of projects which generate positivity and hopefully inspire. By organizing ‘Green Up Your Life’ events and through my role as ambassador of Just Diggit, I try to engage the younger generation in a positive way. By asking the right questions – What are the options? What gives you energy? What makes you happy? – the emphasis is on what we can do, rather than just stand there and watch."